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I’ve spent ten to 15 years watching horses recover after galloping. You think you know what you’re looking at and, to an extent, you do, but we have a tracker on each horse’s girth that tells us how the horse really is recovering. There are many occasions when a horse outwardly looks like he’s having a strong blow, leading you to think he needs more work, but the reality is his recovery is good and he needs no more work. That works the other way as well. The trackers measure stride length, cadence, speed, recovery, everything. I’m now a massive convert.

David Eustace | Co-trainer with Ciaron Maher

in Racing Post

I wanted to bring a bit of innovation to the family tradition. I thought it was important for me to get a better idea of how to prepare horses. If I can learn from the data I have been collecting, I can adapt my training techniques to suit each horse. It will enable me to put horses on the right path, and it makes me feel like I am a better trainer.

Christopher Head | Trainer

in Thoroughbred Racing

ciaron maher uses equimetre

How Ciaron Maher Racing has improved his striking rate with its equine sports science unit?

🇦🇺 Australia | +500 horses

«Every sport in the world has improved with sport science and I always thought horse racing should be no different. The data is something that doesn’t lie. Racing has always been a sport of opinions: that’s what it’s based on. I’ve always been wanting to push the boundaries of “why” that opinion is the right decision or the wrong decision. By curating a sports science division, we’ve made a commitment to this, and see the results on the track.»

david menuisier uses equimetre

John Ortiz’s Equimetre experience


 🇺🇸 USA | thoroughbred trainer 

« Equimetre’s been great. I mean, I think obviously technology’s going to get better. I’m hoping this will probably look just like all our cell phones will get smaller and more efficient. But, once again, I believe that the expert analysis and input that I have received from you has been incredible. That’s the biggest help.»

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clarken racing uses equimetre

How did Douglas Whyte use the data to support his feelings?

🇭🇰  Hong Kong | +60 horses

« It never lies to you. I can pick up on a problem way before it becomes a problem. People ask me why I still ride, and that’s one of the reasons I still ride because the beauty of it is if I can feel something out and I can go back and pick it up on a computer it’s just so satisfying, you know, two minds are better than one.»

jerome reynier utilise equimetre

How is Jérome Reynier managing Skalleti’s career with Equimetre?

 🇫🇷 France | 100 horses

«Thanks to Arioneo, we notice he’s like a metronome. He always has the same stride length and recovery.  He manages to give very similar training data. As the months and years pass, he remains the same Skalleti which gives us confidence to return racing, despite a few inactive months. You can really see it in the data: we prepare the horse with great regularity, no quick work, just maintenance gallops which remain nevertheless quite thorough. And after three or four months of inactivity, he comes back and be THE Skalleti we know.»

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christopher head utilise equimetre

How is Christopher Head monitoring his young racehorses’ evolution?

🇫🇷 France | 30 horses

«We’re really starting to feel the benefits of EQUIMETRE. If the results are there this year, it’s also because of that, the precision it brought, knowing how ready the horse is to be able to run and if it becomes competitive. For us it was important to have regular training and daily data to see the evolution in terms of cardio and recovery after the effort of the horses. And that’s exactly what we got. We are really happy with Arioneo’s follow-up on their product.»

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clarken racing uses equimetre

How Clarken Racing is monitoring their racehorse to optimise performance?

🇦🇺 Australia | 60 horses

«Being able to collect data and match this with our visual observations and the rider’s comments is fantastic. Not only does it back up our own observations, but it gives a clear picture of how a horse is progressing and how they compare to previous preparations. We have found this to be a brilliant addition to our training methods and have found the benefits to be excellent.»

clarken racing uses equimetre

How is Liam Howley managing his racehorses’ health?  

🇦🇺 Australia | 30 chevaux

«We are currently using the Arioneo system and we get a really good feedback. It gives us a really good read of where the horse is. From there, we’re able to identify issues before they occur. It gives you an insight about the horses that your eye can’t see.»

clarken racing uses equimetre

Michael Keady’s Equimetre experience


🇬🇧 United Kingdom | trainer

« I’m looking forward to seeing how Arioneo develops the software and the hardware, and they’re a very forward thinking company who are always looking at areas that can improve. So just looking forward to seeing how the technology evolves and also, how the hardware evolves too.»

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clarken racing uses equimetre

How does Erwan Grall analyze his horses’ recovery with Equimetre?


🇫🇷 France | 40 horses

« We’re really starting to feel the benefits of EQUIMETRE, if the results are there this year, it’s also thanks to that, to the precision it has brought, to the fact of knowing how ready the horse is to be able to run and if he’s becoming competitive.»

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The pros’ opinion

I think the creation of sensors like Arioneo is a good thing. It is an important help for trainers. When a trainer works with these tools, the figures help to confirm what he sees with his eye, or, on the contrary, they tell him what he has not observed correctly. These sensors do not lie, they improve the trainers’ judgement.

Gérald Mossé


I use Equimetre data because they’re easy for me and they give me all the data that I want to be able to work with in one sensor. Applying the Equimetre data is not a precise science. It allows us to point a horse towards a certain distance or surface by suggesting a preferred distance and by assigning numbers to our instincts about performance over different surfaces

Michelle Nihei

PHD and trainer

Using a heart rate monitor like the Equimetre offers much more precise control of exercise intensity, especially in terms of heart rate. I strongly recommend using the Equimetre and asking someone to help you interpret the data.

Romane Borrione

Performance and data analyst specializing in racehorses



Sam freedman utilise Equimetre

Sam Freedman Racing

🇦🇺 Australia | 200 horses

«Ultimately, the main goal is to get the best out of every single horse and be able to judge a horse.  The use of Equimetre at the farm has been good because the horses have to do basically the same thing when they’re walking back in. We can measure them from the same standardized point, which is generally about five minutes after their exercise, and this will certainly give us good guidance on where their fitness is at.»

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Trevor Andrews utilise Equimetre

Trevor J. Andrews

🇦🇺 Australia | 80 horses

«It’s not going to make horses faster, they are what they are, but what the tracker does do is tell you whether they’re ready or not. I thought 12 months was reasonable with the horses’ preparation, and it would give everyone a fair go. And I had some great results. For example, with a young horse called I Am War. He had six starts and four wins!»

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peter muscutt utilise Equiemtre

Peter Muscutt Racing

🇿🇦 South Africa | 70 horses

«Training racehorses is naturally a very competitive sport, and in order to maximize the performance of our athletes, using an Equimetre provides us with much greater information regarding their overall health and fitness. The equimetre gives us greater insight which we may not be able to assess on the surface and helps fine tune our exercise programmes for each individual. It also helps us provide our owners with more detailed information about their horses.»

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Gabriel Leenders utilise Equimetre

Louis Blanchet

🇫🇷 France | 

«We took Arioneo a few months ago. We mainly monitor gallops, which we retrieve immediately afterwards to get very quick information and anticipate a next gallop, if the horse needs one, or direct the horse immediately to a race. It also enables us to communicate very important and reliable information to our customers.»

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mikel delzangles utilise Equimetre

Mikel Delzangles

🇫🇷 France | 70 horses

«Thanks to EQUIMETRE we have additional parameters on the analysis of the performance and work of the horses. As much as the trainer can be subjective from time to time, the machine remains objective. I think that with the analysis of both we can take correct decisions.»

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raphael freire utilise Equimetre

Raphael Freire Racing

🇳🇴 Norway | 30 horses

«What I like the most about the product is that you do not have to race a horse and guess whether you have done a good job or not, guess whether your horse is fit. You can know for sure and that makes you a much more confident trainer. You know exactly the job you have done and where your horses are at, at least from a fitness point of view. That is for me the biggest advantage.»

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George Scott

🇬🇧 United Kingdom | trainer

«We use Equimetre to collect data which I’m becoming increasingly more committed to. A basic starting point is the fractions. You can back up what you’ve seen with your eyes against the clock. Cadence is a great indicator on trip. Recovery taken at three stages after work and trot symmetry are also helpful.»

philip antonacci uses equimetre

Philip Antonacci

🇺🇸 USA | 25 horses

«Gathering data is one thing, but once you have it, you need to be able to use it properly, and be able to read and analyze it, and I believe Equimetre does a very good job of laying out the data for you in an easy understandable terms. It’s simple to comprehend with an easy excel export or on the internet. There are so many analytics, you could really use all of them to build a better picture of your horses.»

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james peters utilise Equimetre

James Peters

🇸🇬 Singapour

«The platform and the app are very easy to use. Within minutes, you can see the data of the horse coming back from work. It is the latest technology available on the market. And also, the product in itself is very easy to use. It can be switched from horse to horse within minutes. It is very straightforward. I would say that the main advantage is that it is very easy to use. »

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jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

Jesus Lopez

🇪🇸 Spain | 30 horses

«Now, if I see that a horse is recovering very well, I will try to work it differently, to work a little harder. EQUIMETRE helps me to adjust the intensity of the training sessions. And of course, sometimes I detect abnormalities and then I will reduce the training until I have the advice of a vet.»

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nathalie wiklund utilise equimetre

Nathalie Wiklund

🇸🇪 Sweden | 10 horses

«We worked with polar before, so I was monitoring the pulse during training, but I think it is little data you get out, and it is not as analytics as the Equimetre. When we saw Equimetre, we did a lot of research, and we thought it might be interesting. We were stunned by the amount of data we could get out of the Arioneo sensor.It was a lot better than we thought it would be.»

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fergal birrane utilise Equimetre

Fergal Birrane

🇮🇪 Ireland | 20 horses

«I find the Arioneo monitor extremely beneficial once you start to use and understand the data collection. It becomes a must have tool of the industry. It gives you accurate information that otherwise you would only be guessing. »

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jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

Amy Murphy Racing

🇬🇧 United Kingdom | 50 horses

«I think it’s a big help because you can see exactly what the horse is doing every day & doing exactly the exercise I wanted him to do. Fitness wise, I know where he stands and what work he needs based on recovery which surely is a big help. I know I’m sending him into it as fit as we can get him!

For anybody that travels internationally, whether it be Dubai, Bahrain or America, for example, it is an asset that you can use however you like

jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

Mathias Solier

🇫🇷 France | 10 horses

«I mainly look at the times, which allow me to objectively evaluate the speed of my horses. This allows me to realise that sometimes they are going too fast, or on the contrary not fast enough and I can therefore readjust by working afterwards. I also look a lot at the recovery after the work to make sure that everything is going well.»

jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

Boyd Racing & Pre-training

🇦🇺 Australia

«For us personally training the horse with this technology is great. It gives you the confidence. At least we can sleep comfortably at night knowing that we’ve done everything that we possibly could. So that’s telling you that you’ve got a very fit horse. So there’s no arguments from that point. You still need a jockey or a rider to come back and give their feedback. But technology and data doesn’t lie. So if you’ve got that on your side, I think it’s a pretty decent tool.»

jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

Nicolas Clément

🇫🇷 France | More than 1,000 victories

« Morgane Molle is one of our assistants and manages data analysis through Arioneo. I am learning alongside her to keep pace with our young trainers in this field. It’s quite interesting, and personally, I appreciate anything scientific. Overall, we strive to be modern, but above all, we aim to be close to our customers. They should feel welcome. »

seamus durack is using equimetre

Seamus Durack

🇬🇧 United Kingdom | 20 horses

«I was curious to see how the data may be useful. I use it to keep track of progress, compare different training sessions, and gallops to see how heart rates fluctuate. When recovery durations are longer than predicted, it signals an issue.  If something didn’t seem right today, or your horse wasn’t able to move as quickly as you’d want, you may investigate the problem using the data collected. It’s also useful to know how quickly they move.»

Leon & Troy Corstens

🇦🇺 Australia | 70 horses

«Technology like the Arioneo system gives us a deeper understanding of their horses, their physiology, their unique quirks and their strengths. This system has been a valuable tool in training our horses. We’ve tried a couple of different systems, but we are very happy with Arioneo. »

jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

Trevor Andrews

🇦🇺  Australia | 30 horses

« Equimetre provides so many key parameters that I like to know, it helps give a great oversight into the horse’s work and their fitness levels, which is so important in racing. »

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jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

Gaëtan Taupin

🇫🇷 France | 16 horses

«What’s interesting is to be able to ensure that we can increase the intensity of the work, without it being too hard for the horses: that they can accept the work thanks to their evolving physical capacities. The team is there to support us, and we have great follow-up.»

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jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

David Donk

🇺🇸 USA

« I’m curious about monitoring the heart, and how they recover. I’m curious to follow the splits without maybe being able to see it live. »


jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

Antoine De Watrigant

🇫🇷 France | Trainer

« Despite our generational difference, the absence of numerical data could lead us to miss out on some of the horses’ abilities. The main advantage of Equimetre is to have quantified data that enables us to detect significant variations and adapt our training accordingly. »

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jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

Glen Braem

🇫🇷 France | Trainer

« Overall, an Equimetre can help more accurately assess the horse’s work, support our sensations, and confirm what we feel while riding, or even detect issues that we wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. »

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jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

Christophe et Miguel Clément

🇺🇸 USA

« EQUIMETRE is a tool that helps better assess your work, so how your horses’ level of fitness should be used and incorporated. It’s accurate and it’s very reliable. There have been many times we actually used it as reference points. »

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jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

Darryl Ward

🇦🇺  Australia | Trainer

« The horses especially Bring Me Kash (who won 3 in a row, 2 at metropolitan level) and Beans have been going super and the Equimetre has played a very big part in my success of late »

jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

Will Clarken & Richard Adam

🇦🇺  Australia | Trainer & Data Analyst

« Arioneo helps validate suspicions and confirm hunches, providing clarity and insight into the horse’s training and capabilities. I believe Arioneo is undoubtedly leading the field now. »

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jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

Alessandro & Ilaria Botti

🇫🇷 France | Entraîneurs

« Arioneo allows us to adjust the horse’s efforts and secure horse training through data, including heart rate or speed. Thanks to Equimetre, we can access precise data.»

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jesus lopez utilise Equimetre

Dom Sutton

🇦🇺  Australia | Trainer

« We used EQUIMETRE to compare distances with previous tracks, establishing a standard workout routine. Overall, they’ve been instrumental in helping us understand our horses’ performance and adjust our training accordingly. »

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