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Collect cardio, locomotion and GPS data simultaneously and automatically, available with live feature option.


Intuitive and ergonomic, simply analyse your data collected during training.


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ciaron maher uses equimetre

Ciaron Maher 

🇦🇺 Australia | +500 horses

«Every sport in the world has improved with sport science and I always thought horse racing should be no different. The data is something that doesn’t lie. Racing has always been a sport of opinions: that’s what it’s based on. I’ve always been wanting to push the boundaries of “why” that opinion is the right decision or the wrong decision. By curating a sports science division, we’ve made a commitment to this, and see the results on the track.»

david menuisier uses equimetre

David Menuisier 

🇬🇧 United Kingdom | 50 horses

«It can explain sometimes a poor performance. We got a new rider who started in March, April, maybe. Because of that system, I could tell you that he used to go far too fast to gather momentum and so his horses would kind of not do their best here, where it matters. At least you can actually put data and put science into what was wrong and correct it very quickly. This is a short run benefit of Arioneo.»

mikel delzangles utilise Equimetre

Douglas Whyte

🇭🇰 Hong Kong | +60 horses

« It never lies to you. I can pick up on a problem way before it becomes a problem. People ask me why I still ride, and that’s one of the reasons I still ride because the beauty of it is if I can feel something out and I can go back and pick it up on a computer it’s just so satisfying, you know, two minds are better than one


Psychology and welfare of racehorses: the impact of stress on performance

It is now a few years since the question of the equine welfare, which can be defined, according to the IFCE (The French Horse and Riding Institute), as “the good mental and physical health of the animal”, is developing and taking more and more importance into the mentalities. Some studies have been carried out and initiatives have been taken with the objective to sensibilize about the subject. The IFCE has notably led a survey in favor of animal welfare, relating different subjects as the evolution of the practices in favor of the

Lexington trainer: Kara Lin Toye’s Equimetre experience.

The Keeneland meet is always a good opportunity to meet and greet our Equimetre users based in Kentucky, including Kara Lin Toye.
She told us about her experience with Equimetre and how she integrates it into her daily work with horses.

From Flemington to Ballarat: Dom Sutton’s Equimetre experience

Our representatives from Arioneo in Australia had the opportunity to speak with Dom Sutton at his stables in Ballarat about his experience with and use of Equimetre. As young startup stable, transitioning from Flemington to Ballarat, data has been a strong asset in the team organization.

The Equimetre experience by Will Clarken & Richard Adam

We had the chance to interview Will Clarken, a trainer based in Morphettville since 2011, along with Richard Adam, responsible for Sales, Finance & Data Analysis at Clarken Racing.

Ilaria and Alessandro Botti’s Equimetre experience

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ilaria and Alessandro Botti in Chantilly regarding their use of Equimetre.

Christophe and Miguel Clement’s Equimetre experience

We were lucky enough to meet Christophe and Miguel Clément, trainers at Saratoga Park, New York. They told us about their experience with Equimetre and how they integrate it into their daily work with horses.

Glen Braem’s Equimetre experience

During a video conference interview, Arioneo’s team had the opportunity to speak with Glen Braem and discuss his use of Equimetre.

Citra Oaks Farm (Brad & Debbie Donaldson): One of the first farms to offer Equimetre services in Florida

Debbie and Brad Donaldson’s passion for animals, and especially horses, is evident from
the first seconds of a conversation with them.

Navigating your data provider transition seamlessly: 5-Step guide

In the dynamic world of equine performance analytics, choosing the right data provider is crucial for maximizing your horses’ potential. If you’re considering a transition or seeking alternatives, Equimetre is here to ensure a seamless switch, enhancing your training outcomes without skipping a beat.

Antoine de Watrigant’s Equimetre experience

Antoine De Watrigant, trainer at Mont-de-Marsan, in the south-west of France, find out how he uses Equimetre and data.