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We had the chance to talk with Michael Keady, co trainer at Murphy and Keady Racing. He shared with us his experience with Equimetre, and how he integrated it into their daily work with horses.

Why have they decided to collect data? How do they use Equimetre? What results do they get?
Find out all the answers and the video in this interview!

Can you introduce yourself?

I am Michael Keady and I am one of the trainers at Murphy and Keady Racing. 

What is the main advantage of using EQUIMETRE?

Main advantage of using the Arioneo system means that we can constantly monitor our horses and monitor their health and well-being.

What is your favourite feature?

My favourite feature of the Arioneo system would be “Cadence” and we find it useful for training to decide which distance a horse might win. And it can be useful in, maybe pushing us one direction or the other.

How do you organise data collection?

We tend to put the monitors on all of our horses when they’re doing fast work, and then would use it sporadically as in when we need it, for slower work if we feel there might be an issue there. So generally, it’s reserved for fast work but we do have a day when we need it every day.

Can you tell us about one decision you made thanks to the data?

Yes, we do. I won’t name a specific horse, but we had a horse who was underperforming on the track and all the jockey feedback was saying that we need to bring the horse back in distance. And we felt from his data that the horse needed to go up in distance. So we rolled the dice and stepped him up in the distance, and the horse ended up winning a couple of races and was sold on the background. So yes, please with that.

What do you expect for the future working with EQUIMETRE?

I’m looking forward to seeing how Arioneo develops the software and the hardware, and they’re a very forward thinking company who are always looking at areas that can improve. So just looking forward to seeing how the technology evolves and also, how the hardware evolves too.

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