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Accueil 9 Equimetre 9 Trevor Andrews’s Equimetre experience

We were lucky to interview thoroughbred trainer Trevor Andrews regarding his utilization of Equimetre.

Why did you integrate Equimetre and data collection into your daily training routine, and who initiated the idea? Do you think using Equimetre is part of your growing success? 

Find out all the answers in this interview!

Could you please introduce yourself?

I’m Trevor Andrews, a Thoroughbred Trainer based in Ascot Perth, Western Australia. We have been using Equimetre for over 2 years now and generally have 30 horses in work, mainly 2 & 3-year-olds.

Why did you integrate Equimetre and data collection into your daily training routine, and who initiated the idea?

I had previously used another device for 10 years. My associate, Mark Dixon, suggested we explore Equimetre as it provides more detailed information from the horses’ work sessions. Equimetre offers numerous key parameters that I find crucial to know. It provides a comprehensive overview of the horse’s work and fitness levels, which is particularly important in racing.

How frequently do you collect data? How frequently do you analyze it?

We use it on most galloping days, up to 3 days a week. The data is analyzed after each monitoring session.

What are the primary advantages you’ve observed from incorporating data collection into your training habits?

I find it interesting to analyze the data after their work sessions, as it offers a better understanding of a horse’s current fitness levels and their ability to cope with the workload and speed. Additionally, the information on stride length and stride frequency provides a valuable guide to a horse’s level of ability.

How do you coordinate data collection as a team, and who takes charge of data analysis?

My Data Analyst, Mark Dixon, profiles each horse and also analyzes the data from their work sessions. We discuss it together as a team, then focus on targeting the right races & distances to get the best results from each horse.

Do you think using Equimetre is part of your growing success?

I think it’s a valuable tool, it certainly doesn’t hinder our training model and coincides with other training aspects that we use, such as heart rate monitoring on the treadmill, track work and data analysis of each horse’s profile. These parameters help us target the right races with precision and bring results for the stable, but also for the customers who support us.

I’ve found that the more we use monitoring to collect data, the more useful the information I get and the feedback from riders is in such a competitive sector. It’s the little things that add up to big results.

What is your favorite feature, parameter, and service provided by Equimetre?

It’s convenient to use. The key parameters I appreciate are heart rate recovery, peak speed, stride frequency, and stride length. Having all that information, along with what I see and hear, helps optimize every horse’s performance.

Can you share a success story related to a horse for which data collection proved particularly beneficial?

I had a 2-year-old at the time, “All Show,” when we first started using Equimetre. She was unraced, but the data we were seeing was very impressive. As the Perth Sales approached, and we knew her half-brother was in the sale, we purchased “All Play” for a nice price. He’s shown a lot of potential as a 3-year-old and profiles very similarly to All Show in stride length & frequency. Both have a lot of ability and look to be exciting horses going forward.

What information does this data allow you to collect?

It helps identify horses with lesser ability by analyzing low peak speed, small stride length & frequency, and high heart rate recovery times. This information indicates that these horses may need more time, possibly have an underlying issue, or need to be moved on.

What information does this data allow you to collect?

We’re pretty happy with the product and the service we receive from Equimetre, plus the support from Arioneo, Charlotte our Data Success Manager, and the Team. 

We look forward to working together and continuing our success on the track.

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Photo: Trevor Andrews