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Accueil 9 Equimetre 9 John Ortiz’s Equimetre experience ( Page )

We had the chance to talk with John Ortiz, a thoroughbred trainer in the United States. He shared with us his experience with Equimetre, and how he integrated it into their daily work with horses.

Why had he decided to collect data? How do he use Equimetre? What results do he get?

Find out all the answers and the video in this interview!

Can you introduce yourself?

I am John Ortiz, and I’ve been using EQUIMETRE for about a year now.

What convinced you to try EQUIMETRE first?

You know, heart beats in thoroughbred training are very important. I used a similar device a long time ago, when I was an assistant trainer. And what I discovered was that the faster the horse recovers after an intense training session, the more fit the horse is.

I love the extra data that you guys provide with the stride length and frequency. And more importantly, I love the feedback that I get from you, your expert analysis, which corresponds to what I observe. I draw my own conclusions about the physical condition of my horses. But the additional data you’ve provided helps me to confirm my feelings. 

How do you organise your data collection? 

We rotate our work through the stable. Every horse has had it on and off. But, obviously, mostly before going for the races that we use EQUIMETRE. The closer we get to a race, we put it on just to make sure to see if we are there or if we’re going to need one more training. Do we skip this race ? Do we go straight for this race ? Or do we go for a  better race ? Do we aim for the stakes? 

I have a bright example : a filly who looks like she trains effortlessly during morning work. And, the monitor is telling us the same thing. So, we keep saying that she’s still got more in the tank, no matter what happens, she’s not at her best.

Then, we monitored another filly named Grace Given. She’s still a maiden, and we’re going to run her in a stakes race next Saturday, but she has a big potential. We’re feeling very confident and if at best, she will hit the board, obviously we’re trying to win.

What do you expect with EQUIMETRE?

This product’s been great. I mean, I think obviously technology’s going to get better. I’m hoping this will probably look just like all our cell phones will get smaller and more efficient. But, once again, I believe that the expert analysis and input that I have received from you has been incredible. That’s the biggest help.

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