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Collect cardio, locomotion and GPS data simultaneously and automatically.


Intuitive and ergonomic, simply analyse your data collected during training.


Learn how to use the solution and discuss your data with your Data Success Manager.


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ciaron maher uses equimetre

Ciaron Maher 

🇦🇺 Australia | +500 horses

«Every sport in the world has improved with sport science and I always thought horse racing should be no different. The data is something that doesn’t lie. Racing has always been a sport of opinions: that’s what it’s based on. I’ve always been wanting to push the boundaries of “why” that opinion is the right decision or the wrong decision. By curating a sports science division, we’ve made a commitment to this, and see the results on the track.»

david menuisier uses equimetre

David Menuisier 

🇬🇧 United Kingdom | 50 horses

«It can explain sometimes a poor performance. We got a new rider who started in March, April, maybe. Because of that system, I could tell you that he used to go far too fast to gather momentum and so his horses would kind of not do their best here, where it matters. At least you can actually put data and put science into what was wrong and correct it very quickly. This is a short run benefit of Arioneo.»

mikel delzangles utilise Equimetre

Douglas Whyte

🇭🇰 Hong Kong | +60 horses

« It never lies to you. I can pick up on a problem way before it becomes a problem. People ask me why I still ride, and that’s one of the reasons I still ride because the beauty of it is if I can feel something out and I can go back and pick it up on a computer it’s just so satisfying, you know, two minds are better than one


The benefits of treadmill training on racehorses

This article analyses the treadmill’s influence on racehorse training, spanning from the physiological impact to the practical uses of this equipment, while discussing its limits.

The role of data in racehorse pre-training

Racehorse pre-training increases the likelihood of success on the track. To maximize the performance of young athletes, racehorse trainers understand the necessity of developing muscle strength, boosting general fitness, and providing proper ground work.

Equine welfare: a major challenge for the racing industry

Horse racing has a long history and a strong cultural tradition in many parts of the world. However, today’s horse racing industry faces a major challenge: combining the excitement and emotion of competition with equine welfare. A number of initiatives are being implemented to promote more responsible practices, such as retirement and retraining programs and stronger doping restrictions.

Feature #3 – Intermediate times

The intermediate times table gives you a breakdown of your horse’s training. EQUIMETRE automatically detects gaits and will automatically show you the work period.

Feature #2 – The analytics tool

Available to EQUIMETRE Pro customers, this feature enables more detailed and advanced analysis of the parameters collected by EQUIMETRE. This table is available exclusively to Pro customers.

Christopher Head’s EQUIMETRE experience

On the occasion of a photo shoot at Christopher Head’s stables in Chantilly, we chatted about his use of EQUIMETRE.

John Ortiz’s Equimetre experience

We had the chance to talk with John Ortiz, thoroughbred trainers in the United States. He shared with us his experience with EQUIMETRE, and how he integrated it into their daily work with horses.

Breaks in racehorses: how to proceed?

The break in a racehorse is a period of rest. With performance being the key to success, the importance of a proper break for horses may arise. In this article, we will explore in detail the concept of the ‘break’ in racehorses and explain why it is a crucial element in maximising their performance.

Michael Keady’s Equimetre experience

We had the chance to talk with Michael Keady, co trainer at Murphy and Keady Racing. He shared with us his experience with Equimetre, and how he integrated it into their daily work with horses.

Tom Fanshawe’s Equimetre experience

We had the chance to talk with Tom Fanshawe, assistant trainer for James Fanshawe in Newmarket. He shared with us his experience with Equimetre, and how he integrated it into their daily work with horses.

Muscle memory in the athletic horse

During training, the horse engages what is known as his muscle memory, so that his muscles are able to carry out the effort almost automatically. However, the source of this memory is not in the muscle, but in the brain.