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Romans Racing Stables harnesses the power of Arioneo as the 2020 Iroquois Stakes winner gets a green light to the breeder’s Cup Worl Championships Juvenile. Discover how EQUIMETRE allows you to prepare a major event thanks to our story on the Breeder’s cup 2020.

Sittin on go, trained by Dale Romans and owned by the Albaugh family was one the competitors of the breeder’s cup in 2020. After only 3 races, this horse has already added 2 wins to his achievements. He has won over 165,520 $.

“I train a lot about field, and a lot about gut instinct and you know I think that anybody that grew up in a barn probably does that because animals change daily. But with that being said, I would love to be able to put in on paper and back up what my gut instinct is in my field.”

Dale Roman trained this young colt using the EQUIMETRE during the weeks before the Breeder’s cup.

“What I would see this really helping with going forward is we will establish what we know he is doing very well, and he is coming into the breeder’s cup with baseline when he is good. And you know normally like working today, I would have said he had a great work, he looked to me like he was moving well, he looked like he had plenty of energy, finished good, in recovery time by eye. I’ll sit up in my clock and stand there when they walk back past me, I look out the window and listen to them. If they’re not broke and breathing hard and they’re already settled and walking off the racetrack then I’m assuming that the recovery time has been pretty fast. But with the technology to back it up, I think that both things can work hand in hand very well.”

Apart from preparing a race with tangible data, EQUIMETRE provides several other insights as Dales Romans said:

“And we can work of what we see, some kind of decline where the heart rate’s different than it was. Then you can probably think it’s caused by some kind of stress, whether it would be pain or some illness going on. And I think we can use this early in a horse’s career to evaluate where they might be able to go and who do we want to keep spending the money on and who we want to move out of the barn because it’s very expensive to have horses in training.”

John Garrity’s opinion – Veterinarian of Sittin on go

“Since I’ve been working around Sittin on go and watching him train, I’ve noticed that he has an enormous stride length, and it will be interesting to see what the EQUIMETRE has picked up in comparison to some other top other quality two-year-olds. I probably will analyze any changes in his maximum heart rate, to pinpoint maybe a respiratory issue or maybe a fitness issue or even a lameness issue. If we have a large data based that we have collected through months of training and something is out of the ordinary, we can actually dig a little bit deeper and maybe we can pick something up that’s not so easily seen on the outside.

I think the benefit of EQUIMETRE is that we can have the results instantaneously after the horse is done working out or galloping. It’s very easy and we can interchange it between horses. And the data and software seem very easy to use.

Before, without the EQUIMETRE, you would just have to evaluate a horse on just pure visualization, and I think this will help trainers be able to maybe tailor a training program to each individual.”