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We had the pleasure to meet Gaëtan Taupin, racehorse trainer in France. Discover how the data allows him to complete his daily feeling.

Could you please introduce yourself, your career and your facilities? 

My name is Gaëtan Taupin, and I’m based at the Dragey training center. I have a dozen or so horses, a bit mixed, which we run where we can. 

How did Equimetre help to prepare your starter today? 

We’ve monitored this horse a lot.  I like him,  he shows good things in the morning. The main thing we wanted to do was to evaluate the recovery and confirm whether the work was as we thought it would be. It ensures the work that we put in place to know if it is well done and, above all, if it is effective. 

Apart from Alasco, who will run today, do you have an example of a horse whose data was important in a decision?

Yes, I have a mare that I got back, racing 1600m. I was convinced that she needed to be lengthened, that she had a behavioral problem mainly. We looked at the Equimetre data, which allowed us to extend her distance. We ran her over 2400m. At the moment, she has just won 3 races in a row, including two handicaps.  

What do you look for when you analyze the data? Which ones do you look at most? 

I look a lot at cardio, recovery is something that interests me, and that’s where you can see if a horse is going to perform well. And a little bit of speed because I have recovered some flat horses that I know less well. We are currently training 2-year-olds, and we work a little differently. The data allows us to collect real tangible support. 

How do you choose the horses, you monitor?

I put the sensor on all my horses when it becomes interesting to follow them. That is to say, when they come out of pre-training or from the field, it’s not very interesting to collect data because it won’t give anything. When we increase the training intensity, it’s interesting to look at the data and see if we can work harder without it being too hard for them to accept the work. 

Why did you choose EQM?

You have to move with the times a little bit too. It’s not a tool that will make decisions or tell you how to do things. But it helps to be convinced of what you are doing. 

 Do you have anything to add?

You are not on your own when you start with Equimetre. The team is there to accompany you, and you have a great follow-up. That’s the difference with the others (competitors). They give you cardio data, and then you are left to your own devices. When you don’t know what you’re doing initially, you don’t necessarily know how to analyze the data. 

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