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Arioneo’s team had the opportunity to spend a day with Mikel Delzangles, flat racehorse trainer in Chantilly. Mikel Delzangles is one of Arioneo’s partner trainers and uses the EQUIMETRE sensor on a daily basis for the horses in his stable. We had the chance to ask him a few questions about his use of the sensor.

How do you use EQM on a daily basis?

The sensor is mainly put to the horses once a week when they are doing some serious work. On specific horses for which we have a little doubt, we can  monitor them daily.


What data are you looking at in particular?

I mainly look at the speed of the gallops, especially the last 600 meters and the recovery of the horses. I would even say that recovery is probably the most important data.


Has EQUIMETRE ever helped you make decisions?

It happened that thanks to EQUIMETRE we noticed that a horse did not recover as well as we thought, and it saved us from running him and waiting for a little more preparation.

What do you consider to be EQUIMETRE’s main asset?

Thanks to EQUIMETRE we have additional parameters on the analysis of the performance and work of the horses. As much as the trainer can be subjective from time to time, the machine remains objective. I think that with the analysis of both we can take correct decisions.