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Accueil 9 Equimetre 9 Navigating your data provider transition seamlessly: 5-Step guide

In the dynamic world of equine performance analytics, choosing the right data provider is crucial for maximizing your horses’ potential. If you’re considering a transition or seeking alternatives, Equimetre is here to ensure a seamless switch, enhancing your training outcomes without skipping a beat. 

Thinking about switching providers? Here is a 5-step guide.

1. Explore and experience with a demo

    Discovering the perfect fit begins with firsthand experience. We offer personalized Equimetre platform demonstrations tailored to your specific needs. Whether through an on-site visit from our team, connecting you with a nearby Equimetre user, or arranging a comprehensive video demo, we’re committed to showcasing how our solution aligns with your goals. Dive deep into our offerings, ask questions, and explore our competitive pricing options during these sessions.

    2. Secure and transfer your past data

      Your data is your asset. Transitioning to Equimetre doesn’t mean starting from scratch. We ensure a smooth data transfer process, allowing you to migrate your existing database effortlessly. Our team will assist in mapping your previous provider’s data properties to Equimetre’s, preserving the integrity and continuity of your records.

      3. Empower your team with training

      The strength of data collection lies in your team’s ability to harness it. Equimetre provides extensive learning resources through our knowledge base and YouTube channel, ensuring your staff is well-equipped to utilize our device effectively. For more personalized guidance, we offer on-site staff training sessions, so that your staff feels confident in putting the devices on every day and data is collected correctly.

      4. Personalized onboarding for success


      Transitioning to Equimetre is more than just switching platforms; it’s about elevating your data analytics experience. Our Data Success team offers one-on-one training and ongoing support, establishing direct communication channels for swift assistance and queries. Through group chats on WhatsApp or iMessage, we ensure a fluid exchange of ideas and solutions, tailored specifically to your operation.

      5. Customize the parameters displayed to fit your routine

      Equimetre stands out with its flexibility, offering over 500 customizable parameters to seamlessly integrate with your existing routines. Our goal is to adapt to you, not the other way around. Your dedicated Data Success Manager will guide you through setting up and optimizing your account, ensuring a transition that’s as smooth as it is swift.

      The Equimetre Advantage  

      Join the ranks of over 700 clients, including more than 150 clients who’ve successfully made the switch to Equimetre. Our commitment to service excellence and unparalleled customization options makes us the premier choice for equine performance analytics. Embrace the most advanced technology available and elevate your data program to new heights.

      Ready to experience the Equimetre difference? Start your journey with us today. Enquire about a demo or speak to our sales team for more information on how we can transform your data analytics strategy.

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      Photo: Eleonore Groux