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Available to EQUIMETRE Pro customers, this feature enables more detailed and advanced analysis of the parameters collected by EQUIMETRE. This table is also available exclusively to Pro customers.

The aim of this feature is to help you analyse a horse’s longitudinal development, make more in-depth comparisons and carry out more detailed calculations and analyses by downloading the data to Excel.

Its benefits

Although there are many advantages to using the comparison tool, they are as follows:

    • Analyse your horses’ data in more detail, according to your analysis criteria.
    • Customise the table with the parameters you want to prioritise, so that we can answer your questions.
    • Create different filters, depending on your type of training.
    • Compare your horses, but also the evolution of a horse over time.

What information will you obtain?

The analysis possibilities offered by this table are infinite, as it brings together all the platform’s parameters.

You can focus on a horse, a type of training or a track by using the filters, enabling you to carry out a quick, organised analysis when preparing for a specific race, for example.

Different examples:

  • Comparison of two horses
  • Detection of locomotor problems and poor recovery.
  • Longitudinal monitoring of a horse to see how it is progressing.

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