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Accueil 9 Testimonials 9 How did Equimetre data influence Gabriel Leenders’ training methods?

Discover Gabriel Leenders‘s EQUIMETRE experience. With a success rate of 72% of horses placed or victorious, he is one of the top 5 French jump trainers.

How can EQUIMETRE, a racehorse tracking system, help him in his training system?

Gabriel Leenders invited us to meet him at his home in the Pays de La Loire, to tell us more about his use of EQUIMETRE.

“What Arioneo has brought me is about active recovery. I have extended the recovery time, with trottings and canters. We realized that the horses were coming back to their stall with a much lower BPM.”

“This can alert us about a problem that is going to happen, it allows us to anticipate and not to go too far. For example, we have a horse that performed well at the beginning of the year, who came back from holiday, and we see that when he works his heart does not go down. We discovered that he know have a heart murmur that he did not have at the beginning of the year. Thanks to Arioneo, the data warned us about it.”

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