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Will we see more and more data used in training racehorses in the future? ? ?

Discover David Menuisier‘s experience with Equimetre, our racehorse monitoring solution.

✔️ What were the short terms benefits of this tool?

⚙️ How does his team use it daily?

🔮 How does he see the future of racehorse training?

“It can explain sometimes a poor performance. We got a new rider who started in March, April, maybe. Because of that system, I could tell you that he used to go far too fast to gather momentum and so his horses would kind of not do their best here, where it matters. We just sat down and look at the data and said, look, you need to slow down there. And within a week he was in the right rhythm. At least you can actually put data and put science into what was wrong and correct it very quickly. This is a short run benefit of Arioneo.”

“We’ve seen peaks of heart rates, way before getting onto the gallop. So it’s a bad anticipation, actually, of cantering. If you don’t know that or if you ignore that, then down the line, you can end up with a horse that is losing its heart. You know, because they just don’t want to do it anymore. And so if you see the early signs of anxiety, you can actually adapt your routine.”

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