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Accueil 9 Testimonials 9 Antoine de Watrigant’s Equimetre experience

We had the privilege of conducting an interview with Antoine De Watrigant, a trainer in Mont-de-Marsan, in the southwest of France. During our conversation, we discussed his use of Equimetre, which he acquired six months ago.

What is your routine with the data? What were the key factors in your decision to collect data? What is your favorite parameter, service, or feature? Find out all the answers in this interview!

What is your routine with the data?

We use the sensors as frequently as possible on our young horses to study their progress, both physically and mentally. For the older horses, we use them a bit less often, as we are more familiar with their routine. Additionally, we avoid overworking them with the sensors.

Why did you choose to use Equimetre, and what prompted you to invest in this solution?

The Equimetre team had contacted me several years ago, but we didn’t follow up at that time as it was just starting out. They came back to me some time later, and I felt it was an important step to take. Other trainers in France have successfully used this tool. Despite my more advanced age, I thought it could be a good solution for the future.

What were the key factors in your decision to collect data? 

We realized that, despite our generational difference, the lack of numerical data could cause us to overlook certain capabilities of the horses. Equimetre could also help us avoid unnecessary visits to the veterinarian or other interventions thanks to the reliability of the data provided.

How often do you analyze the data, and how do you organize the collection?

We analyze the data about 2 to 3 times a week, on intensive training days. For young horses, we also use the sensors in the same way. Data collection is done in the morning and then again in the late morning, and I analyze it afterward.

What are the main advantages of collecting data with Equimetre?

The main advantage is having numerical data that allows us to detect significant variations and adjust our training accordingly.

What is your favorite parameter, service, or feature?

Recovery. For me, it is essential to monitor the BPM of each horse to evaluate their recovery status.

What do the owners think of Equimetre, and how do you share information with them?

Owners are interested in this new source of information about their horses. I regularly share with them the data we collect and the results of our analyses.

How does your team use Equimetre on a daily basis?

A thorough explanation was necessary for everyone to understand how to use the device properly and preserve its durability. Now, several team members are able to use it successfully on a daily basis.

How do you envision the future of data collection and horse training?

It is likely that many horse trainers will start using Equimetre in the years to come. Personally, I believe it is important to stay up-to-date with these new technologies. Its use is already widespread in other countries focused on speed, and I think it will follow suit in France as well.

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