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Find out how to detect injuries, how to identify your horses’ locomotor profile and how to detect future performers thanks to technology.

Stride data analysis


In this white paper you will discover how to:

  • Identify your racehorses’ locomotor profile and preferences to maximise your chances of winning


  • Detect injuries by analysing the data historic of stride length, stride frequency, regularity and symmetry of your racehorses.


  • Ojectivise your racehorses’ acceleration strategies based on the data collected


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Tracking the speed of your horses

The time has come !

The racing industry has undergone many changes in the recent years and many institutions have acquired tracking tools. The racing industry, thanks to the many investments received since its creation, has completely transformed itself and has become ultra-competitive. Victory can narrowly escape and nothing should be left to chance.

Reinforcing your expert eye and your feeling with objective data is a major asset. As explained in this white paper, racing strategies are the key to victory and the stride analysis in racing and training is a tremendous support. By analyzing this data, you will be able to objectively assess your horses’ acceleration strategies: do they accelerate with their stride length or stride frequency first? What is their locomotor profile? 

This white paper summarizes all the information necessary to analyze the locomotion: you will have access to reference tables, graphs and their explanations as well as detailed examples.  You will discover the importance of acquiring this data to help you make a winning decision.

Stride data analysis: understand your racehorses’ acceleration strategies