Get access to on-board data for racehorses thanks to the EQUIMETRE live application and connected devices such as glasses, watches or cellphones. It allows to follow and adapt the training of each horses being monitored in real time. Indeed, tracking live data enables the objectification of the required effort and provides the knowledge of what is happening throughout the training.

Interval measurement and timing

The use of the EQUIMETRE Live application to track the performance of racehorses is interesting to ensure a precise follow-up on their performance level.

The measurement of the intervals also gives a good indication of the horse’s current form and fitness level.

Speed: progression and steps

Thanks to the gps located in the EQUIMETRE sensor, the trainer has the possibility to visualise in real time all the data related to the location as well as the speed of the horse during his training.

A different section details the horse performance level according to the distances covered and allows both the trainer and the jockey to follow the performance live and to adjust the training according to the instructions given. A small tracking map also shows the horse’s position and the intensity of his gait depending on where he is on the racetrack.


Effort level (heart rate zones)

The visualisation of the heart rate zones during work provides an indication of the horse’s heart rate level according to the efforts required.

At each moment of the training, the EQUIMETRE Live application allows you to monitor the horse’s effort level according to a gauge which can be adjusted according to the horse profile. Live monitoring of the level of cardiac effort required ensures a good balance between under and overtraining.


Follow-up of recovery after the effort

Carefully monitored on a daily basis, recovery is a key fitness parameter for athletic preparation and health monitoring. An unexplained deterioration in recovery can be a symptom of cardio-respiratory pathologies such as arrhythmias, which must be investigated by a veterinarian. Improvement is a constant goal, which also depends on a set of external parameters (diet, moral well-being, etc.).

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How to follow the data live?

Live data can only be accessed via Bluetooth.

The easiest way to use the live application on the phone for the trotters is for the driver to wear his phone on his forearm thanks to a waterproof and transparent armband.

For gallopers, it is less easy to look at his  forearm. Howevern, Equimetre also works like a classic heart rate monitor that can send information via Bluetooth to a connected watch or connected glasses.

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NB: To get Equimetre to record the data, the rider does not need to use the Live App.

No, it is not necessary to have your phone with you when using the Equimetre sensor. It has a large storage capacity and records all training sessions carried out with or without a connection. In order to retrieve the data on the phone, you just need to synchronise the sensor with the application. The sensor keeps the data locally even after synchronisation.